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April 2014 12, two days 13 days, the company organization and distribution of all employees to participate in a 20kV and the following substation design specifications of the training, training is in the new specification, 20kV and (GB50053-2013) is about to be implemented, the original specification of the 10kV and the following design specification (GB500523-94) is about to be abolished in the background.

The main training on the new specifications of the contents of a detailed explanation, and combined with the original specification to focus on the specification update. There is no difference between the new standard and the total of the directory and the original specification, only part of the contents of the update:

1), to standardize the use of the word more clearly, “ ” “ ” “; &rdquo.

2), emphasizing the 10 mandatory provisions, to remind us of the design must pay attention to the problem.

3), combined with the practical design problems, explain item by item the norms, so that we design a deep understanding of the profound meaning of the provisions, rather than simply apply the terms.

4), explain the application of the provisions of the scope of the 10kV extended to the 20kV background, as well as the adjustment of the entire specification of the application should pay attention to the problem.

5), with emphasis on the interpretation of the provisions of the new code to the original specification, the interpretation of the original provisions of the background, as well as the new provisions for the current design work of the guiding significance.

6), for the actual design work, training and selection of typical professional issues of a detailed explanation.

Through this training, let us fully understand that the GB50053 specification is the most important standard of distribution design, is the basis for our design. Through the study of the new standard, we have a new understanding to the design of the power distribution system. It also makes the members of the Distribution Department have learned valuable professional knowledge and design experience, and have played a very necessary guidance role in the design of the two kinds of norms.

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