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"Beyond their own flying dream" -2014 development activit

In order to enhance the communication between employees and departments, training staff communication consciousness, sense of responsibility, team spirit and cooperation consciousness, 2014 April 29 and 30, the company in the southern mountain region in Jinan Baltic Valley organization full participation in the expansion of training.

In the entire development process of training, each project is full of difficulties and challenges, the broken bridge in the air seemingly insurmountable, trust fall back although fear, but fortunately, we all face the challenges and overcome them one by one. Although as the Fu of the whole team, we have worked together for a long time, however, working state and outdoor activities such as bring everyone to feel is completely different, from a transition of meet a greeting to understand each other. This team training brings us the harvest is also the other can not give. A short span of two days one night, we from the team, confirm that the leader, running, to the communication, harmonious coordination, bring us is a relief, a kind of joy, a state of the work in the future new vitality. We should give ourselves and the most enthusiastic applause.

Subdivision of each development project, there are different harvest; sum up all the projects, but also have the same place.

Trust fall back appears to be a very simple project, but when his standing 2 meters high tower will there are moments of doubt, because of the need to have the enough confidence in each other. Also let everyone have a preliminary psychological challenge. High bridge is a real challenge project, let us break through self realization, self transcendence and excitation potential. This thought that this project will have a certain degree of difficulty, but because of the trust back to bring everyone to the mutual trust, with the encouragement and help of team members, we easily complete the challenge. Really happy with the sigh of our progress.

Another impressive project team: tangram. The end result of this game

Is to achieve team 1000 points, and we just got more than 300 points. Work in a lot of problems are from the game revealed: frankly, the lack of communication, small team consciousness, self centered, reckless careless. There is a saying: everyone wants to get into a good company, and good company is created by our own staff, in the future work, we only get rid of the existing problems, in order to achieve the goal of the company in the common development of employees.

Happy and intense training is over, but it brings us the move and harvest will always be. Moved, because the victory over the face of the 4.2 meter high school wall, we did not give up, to overcome; harvest, because the society has learned to communicate and share, feel the strength of the team. Life continues, continue, our team building will also continue, let us are in work and life understanding, benefit in understanding and the benefit after again into our work, forge ahead, advancing with the times, let each of us with practical action to prove themselves, and continue to surpass themselves, to dream of flying, brilliant in Corfu.

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