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Companies to carry out "operational excellence" training

Faced with an increasingly competitive market, we are proud to ride in nautical miles, a wealth of experience that we stand real income has been accumulated, but rapid social progress, new management ideas and new business model emerging in the face of new things , States Rover chose to accept and progress, and then on the training of personnel, not to see the immediate interests of States Rover, but rather focuses on long-term learning and development. Not only do we go out, but also came to learn and continue to learn and constantly improve their ability to learn the spirit of this steady stream of Fu country is unique corporate culture, which is the basis for enterprise development.
Thus, the country Fu annual internal training programs orderly conduct of the May 27, the company organized a training aimed at middle and senior managers of learning, mainly focused on operational excellence in business management, in-depth study and discussion.
The training invited the world's top 500 senior business operations management expert, to lead the company chairman Fu country operations team to participate in training and learning; lecturers illustrations, and organize group discussions, so that the classroom burst out of the spark of thinking, to achieve the success of this training purposes.
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