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Modern customer service concept training One of the two

In May 10, 2015, the customer service Department invited the Shandong finance and economics university MBA — — Li to the company to carry out the whole day "how to communicate effectively with customers" training.

Professor Li to humor, to explain in simple terms, carries on the elaboration from two aspects: modern customer service philosophy: from the meaning of service, service level, the correct concept of service, customer service standards, to tell us that the customer is the real boss of the enterprise, if companies lose customers, lost as the basis for the existence of, so to customers provide excellent and thoughtful service is an important strategy of enterprise development, the enterprise must pay more attention to customer service. Two is effective communication with customers: from the keen heart, listening ears, smart tongue, active hand, platinum rules, etc., to tell you their own interests to meet the needs of others, so that others can get the maximum satisfaction, so that the maximum benefits, so you need to clear their own needs, understand and meet the needs of others, and actively seek win-win.

Through this training, to further improve the modern customer service concept and the ability to communicate effectively.

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