Battery type

Pursuing a dream 58 may provide matching depending on the product shape of the lithium-ion / polymer lithium ion battery. The following information will help you distinguish between different form factors, allowing you to choose to meet your exact needs.
Prismatic battery - usually refers to electric vehicles or energy storage applications designed for hard shell battery capacity> 20 Ah, which is characteristic of lithium iron phosphate chemical systems to achieve long cycle life and storage life, but also through design optimized to achieve high energy density or high power density.
Cylindrical battery - refers to has been widely used in ordinary notebooks or cordless power tool industry standard model 18650. Weaving dreams cylindrical battery performance to meet the 58 industry-leading level of regulatory requirements, and at the same time may need to provide solutions with a unique design according to the customer, such as: fast charge batteries capacity, long cycle life, high energy density, or high power density.
Polymer battery - the latest trends in consumer electronics and IT accessories lithium-ion batteries. Capacity lithium poly shape and size flexibility, customers can use their own unique needs involved in custom design batteries. In addition, it is thin and light features just to meet the trend of ultra-thin notebooks and tablets. At the same time, weaving dreams featuring 58 fast charging, long life and other properties can also be realized in polymer battery.
   方形电池  圆柱电池 聚合物电池
主要应用 电动汽车,储能  消费电子产品,笔记本电脑,无线电动工具   消费电子产品,IT 新奇特产品 
标准项目 标准 标准 可变,定制
标准项目 >20 安时 行业标准型号 <5 安时
容量 可实现 可实现 可实现
高能量密度 可实现 可实现 如特别要求可满足
高功率密度 如特别要求可满足 可实现 可实现

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