Chemical system

Lithium ion batteries are a large family includes a variety of similar but different chemical systems. Characteristics and performance of lithium-ion battery and its internal chemical system is closely related to advances in battery performance was also driven by the progress of chemical systems. Also expanding the type of battery materials, and constantly introduce new chemical system.
Lithium iron phosphate cathode material
Lithium iron phosphate cathode with its excellent safety performance and long life is known. Already a mature technology to produce industry-leading safety and reliability of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Although the basic lithium iron phosphate cathode technology has matured production, we continue to be developed by the technical evolution of lithium iron phosphate cathode material of the next generation.
Metal oxide cathode material
Conventional cathode materials such as lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese, nickel, cobalt and manganese lithium metal oxide is usually classified as a cathode material. We are produced industry-leading use of such conventional cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. Expect the next generation of metal oxide cathode material capable of energy density, power density, and improve other battery performance indicators have a greater driving force. It has invested heavily in research, development and scale-up to the next generation of these materials to the market.
Silicon-based anode materials
Silicon material having a graphite material we need multiple lithium storage capacity for a long time has been relatively anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, and hope graphite currently used as alternative technologies. On the other hand, the use of silicon material in the battery-related problems are well-known in the industry headache. We are investing heavily in research, development and enlarge production of this new material to the market.
Lithium titanate anode material
Lithium titanate for a lithium-ion battery anode material, its unique crystal structure of graphite brings far better than excellent performance, such as high-power discharge, ultra-low temperature and so on. This is an ideal environment to meet the needs in the cold high-power charging and discharging technology. They are developed using lithium titanate anode battery, similar to meet customer specific requirements.


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