Electric car

Pursuing a dream 58 square steel Recommended batteries used in electric vehicles. Pursuing a dream 58 provides both the standard size (20/40/60/80 Ah) electric car batteries, can also be custom designed according to the customer's specific needs in large quantities. EV battery types are generally divided into high power density and high energy density, corresponding to the hybrid electric car, the different needs of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles. Such batteries for automotive applications with high reliability, long life and durability characteristics and specially designed. These batteries can be applied to different levels of the system, from a single batteries, the batteries consisting of a plurality of battery modules, then all of the sensors and switches, software, communication interface and battery management system consisting of a complete battery box. Whether customers purchase a single tank batteries or a complete battery system or subsystem, weaving dreams will have 58 customers in the whole process of system integration design and provide technical support.

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