New energy power engineer

Job description:
1, in the project development phase, the representative of the hospital to assist in the development of distributed PV projects in Guangdong to collect, analyze, and contact with headquarters and communication, feedback to the owners.
2, during the implementation of the project, the representative of the Institute to carry out the work of the site, and maintain good technical exchanges with the owners.

Job requirements:
1, electrical or building specialty, bachelor degree or above;
2, technical work in the power industry 1-2 years of working experience, field working experience is preferred;
3, active thinking, strong communication skills;

New energy sales manager

Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the distributed energy projects, combined heat and power (CHP) combined integrated energy-saving projects, gas waste heat power generation using sales of energy-saving projects, such as new energy engineering & nbsp; 2, open up new markets, develop new customers, collecting and analysis of competitors responsible for market information;
3, report the sales status, market analysis, marketing plan and sales target;

1, male or female, 25-35 years old, college degree, majored in mechanical, electrical, thermal, HVAC, automation, Engineering
2, to understand the internal combustion generator, gas turbine systems or HVAC engineering system, or for distribution system engineering as well as the working principle of the performance
3, have rich market experience marketing and sales skills, familiar with the domestic / international new energy industry market development status
4, strong public relations, business negotiation ability, can independently develop the market; 
5, have good team spirit, work carefully, can adapt to high-intensity fast-paced work; 
6, hard work, work, work, to complete the sales task.

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