Talent Concept

First, the principle of ability and political integrity. Selection and use of personnel in accordance with the full measure of ability and political integrity, insisting that virtuous without is mediocre, talent without virtue is the villain, moral and can be neglected.
The second is "the effect of" principle. With it, we do not look at qualifications ability to see, do not look to see the diploma level, no matter what capacity, what qualifications, what age, as long as doing good, doing better than others, outstanding performance, it boldly, entrusted responsibility. At present, the company's technical staff and middle managers have an average age of about 35 years, the average age of the workshop director around 30 years old. Although these people are not very old, and some degree is not very high, but capable, energetic, performance. We adhere to the "effect of" employment mechanism, so that a large number of both ability and integrity of personnel emerged as pillars of enterprise development.
Third, the principle of practice first. "Jade try to burn on the 3rd full, identified only subject to the seven-year period." Over the years, where the company's various types of professionals, we are the first to arrange the workshop production line for additional training to improve in practice, and then through public examinations, merit selection.
Fourth, the principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of talent, we realized the transition from the "horses horses" "stadium election horse," to, and who have done the best we can reuse them as a talent; otherwise, can only be eliminated.
Fifth, "Everyone is a talent" principle. The use of talent eliminate mode and mystification, so that the person who should amount applies. As long as the right positions to play the greatest degree of intelligence, it is a sense of talent. We follow this principle, according to the level of each employee, expertise, experience, character, etc., to arrange appropriate to opposite positions, so that their talent before they do their best to promote the enterprise sustained, rapid and efficient development.
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