Technology 2

Long cycle life

Lei Fei in the production of high cycle life of lithium ion battery industry has been in a leading position. In the term of the two battery, one cycle is a cycle of charge and discharge (use). Cycle life refers to the performance of the battery to the user to replace the new battery when the charge and discharge cycles. A long cycle life is a time for the user to charge and discharge more times before changing the battery. For example, the cycle life is 1000 of the battery use time must be longer than the cycle of 300 of the battery, up to 3 times. High cycle life of the battery will no doubt increase the user's satisfaction and the use of a wealth of experience in the battery. & nbsp; Lei Fei using advanced raw materials, advanced battery design and precise manufacturing processes, leading lithium battery industry in the world.

Good design

In general, lithium ion batteries need to be equipped with special protection circuit and charging circuit can be put into use. In more complex systems, even more complex functions, such as monitoring, management and communication, are required to ensure that the user can use the battery safely. Such additional features are often referred to as battery pack or battery pack. Most of the time, the battery pack is designed to be customized according to the characteristics of the battery. Lei Fei for the performance of the battery is very understanding, we can provide the industry's leading can be applied to various aspects of the battery pack, from a simple Bluetooth device to a complex million watt level energy storage system. Lei Fei has a wealth of design experience, can meet all the needs of customers.

Green environmental protection

So far, lithium ion battery is recognized as a green environmentally friendly chemicals. It does not contain any harmful metals, such as mercury or lead. In addition, the developed countries in the lithium ion batteries can be recycled in terms of recycling has been established a good recycling mechanism and recycling facilities. Most precious metals or industrial metals can be recycled.

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